Diet Trends for 2017


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Fad diets come and go just like trends in fashion. Personally, I do not follow the current trend in either, but that’s just me. So what are the trends to watch in 2017? Well according to an article in U.S. News and World Report, there are five trends gaining favor. All five of them involve moving to a plant-based diet and replacing animal products with more sustainable options. The popular trends include seaweed due to its high nutrient content, ancient grains like quinoa or amaranth as minimally-processed whole grains, meat-free burgers using mushrooms as a substitute, pasta as a main dish and algae products as replacements for animal products such as eggs and dairy. Sounds like meat is off the plate in the latest trends.

When Registered Dietitian/Nutritionists were surveyed for “What’s Trending in Nutrition“, the most popular response was clean eating. This focuses on whole foods, ancient grains, seeds and seafood with a focus on a Mediterranean-style diet. Clean eating emphasizes antibiotic-free meat and poultry for those that choose not to be vegetarian. Super foods will still have their place and avocado, ancient grains and green tea will remove kale from the spotlight. The Gluten-free and Paleo diet will still enjoy some popularity but there may be a slight shift away from the heavy emphasis on protein, especially from animal sources. Consumers are becoming more health conscious and want GMO-free, antibiotic-free, and hormone-free foods. But taste and convenience will still be a strong factor in food purchases. The influence of celebrities as well as social media also tends to sway food choices. Some foods may get a new lease on life and include probiotic foods like yogurt and keifer, lentils, full-fat dairy and plant proteins. As with any trend, foods will rise and fall in popularity based on current cultural influences. This is not all bad. The hype over fad diets and “super foods” will at least get people to try something different. It also creates awareness of the importance of diet on our health. So whether you are a vegan, clean eater, Paleo or Low Carb follower; there are plenty of choices if you are looking for a diet to follow. There can be good and bad in any diet plan so be an informed consumer and know why you are eating what you eat and how it can affect your health. For specifics on what diet might work best for your particular need, seek a qualified registered dietitian/nutritionist that can help you with an individualized meal plan. Eat well to good health!

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