How to Start Plants from Seeds

Have you ever started your own plants from seed? If not, consider giving it a try this year. Spring is almost here and starting seeds indoors is a good way to get a jump start on gardening season. I usually try to start my seeds around the end of February or first of March. This gives enough time for them to grow into strong seedlings before being transplanted into the garden around mid April. In Northwestern North Carolina, we are in zone 7 so planting outside before mid April can risk frost damaging your seedlings.

I had tried starting plants from seeds before but was never very successful until I learned a few helpful hints that made all the difference. There are a few essential tools needed for success. A good seed starting mix is a necessity. The other thing that made a big difference for me was a heat mat. Keeping your seeds at a consistent warm temperature helps them germinate faster. A grow light is also a must. There are several different options available and it does not have to be super expensive. Seed starting trays do not cost much and they can be reused. But if you do not have trays, try cardboard egg cartons, empty yogurt cups or other suitable items you may have lying around the house. My grandmother used to be very successful starting seeds in old cups and coffee cans. The main point is to have a drainage hole in the bottom. If you are ready to give it a shot, check out my video tutorial below for a step-by-step guide.

For more gardening tips and to follow my progress in the garden this year, I hope you will check back often. We will discuss garden plans, raised beds, mulching and weed control as well as harvesting and how to prepare produce after it’s harvested. I have provided links below to items used in the video. Happy gardening for good food and good health!


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