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Thank you for visiting. This website was created by a registered dietitian to inform, inspire and encourage those seeking health through good nutrition. The one habit most of us repeat on a daily basis, several times a day, can have the biggest impact on our health and wellbeing. And of course I am talking about what we eat. I hope you enjoy the articles, pictures and videos as we explore new recipes, grow our own food and discover how food relates to our health. I am excited to share the latest nutrition research as well as old-fashioned common sense when it comes to planning meals. Enjoy this journey to health through good nutrition with me. Happy eating!


My goal is to educate by sharing what I have learned through formal training and years of experience to help others improve their health and wellbeing.


The mission of Ourdailychews.com is to incorporate current evidence-based nutrition research into food choices for the best nutrition practices to support physical health while also challenging the mind with thought-provoking articles to encourage critical thinking and empower each individual with knowledge and inspiration to make their own best choices.


My philosophy is simple. I believe good nutrition is the foundational building block of good health.


Everyone makes choices in life based on their core beliefs. My beliefs are built upon my Christian faith so my life choices revolve around the core principles taught in the Bible. I believe this is God’s instruction manual for us to have the best lives (and health) He intended for us to have.


I promise to fully disclose any potential conflicts of interest including financial compensation or gifts given in exchange for any product or service that I may mention or recommend on this site. Any reviews given will be based on my own opinion and personal experience and shared with you for informational purposes only.


All information provided here is to inform and inspire. If you have specific health condition(s) or food allergies/intolerances, I highly recommend you work one-on-one with a qualified registered dietitian or healthcare professional that specializes in your particular area of concern. This site is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any ailment.

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