The Origins of Health

Life began in a garden. How amazing to think of being surrounded by abundant fruit hanging from the tree and ripe berries dangling on the vine just waiting to be picked. How sad it is that we have gotten so far away from our food supply. It was not such a long time ago that life revolved largely around where our next meal came from. Why do some of us give so little thought about what we put into our mouths?  In today’s hectic world, there seems to be less time to put into preparing a wholesome meal. Most of us live day to day just grabbing something convenient to satisfy our hunger that only leaves us feeling empty on energy and vitality. The processed packaged foods that are familiar to most of us contain ingredients that were not designed to keep our bodies functioning at its best. Some of these ingredients may even be harming our bodies.

If you find yourself suffering from some ailment that has you discouraged, join me on this journey as we discover what nature intended for us to eat. Food affects all aspects of our health, even if in subtle ways, and changing our diet may be just what the doctor (I mean dietitian) ordered. Food was given to sustain us and to delight us. Let’s take out the confusion and add back the flavor and enjoyment of eating. Savor each bite and let it fill your mouth with joy as we go back to the garden to see what nature provides.






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